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    Hello! We made Stalemate because we wanted a dashboard which makes it easy to see the relevant pull requests and what needs doing to get them ready to merge.

    We’ve been testing Stalemate with a few companies here in the UK. It’s ideal when you’re working across multiple repositories on a single team (e.g. when you have code split out into libraries on a project).

    Stalemate is good for teams who use relatively simple issue/task tracking such as GitHub issues, trello et al. It’s not a great pairing with tools like Jira however because there are better ways to surface the information that Stalemate does in Jira.

    There’s no magic here - just a really useful way to surface the data you already have in a way that makes it really easy for developers to see PRs needing attention.

    We’d love feedback!

    Thanks for looking. Thanks for posting us here @stevejalim!

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      FAQs link at the bottom of the page is broken. It points to https://stalemate.io/faqs while it should point to https://stalemate.io/faq/

      Maybe also consider using flexbox so that the footer stays on the bottom even on small pages (such as the real faq).

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      We use a very similar (but admittedly more primitive) approach at work to monitor our current PR workload : https://github.com/exoscale/pullq

      We use this as the place for contributors to look for their next review to do