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    I’ve seen and even tried many XP themes and such over the years, especially during the mid-00’s era of the smarmy Linux ideologues tempting people to switch from Windows (which I will shamefully admit to being part of, occasionally).

    I am in awe at how much further this goes beyond that, and at the attention put into faithfully recreating some parts of these.

    That screenshot of “Windows 95/98/2000/ME” just brought on a type of comfy nostalgia that I didn’t realize I was capable of feeling. But there is at least one person for whom Windows Vista offers that type of comfy nostalgia, and this project has them covered too.

    Edit: It looks like the creator has a whole suite of well-made historical desktop OS themes, from older MacOS, to Solaris and even BeOS!

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      I wonder if there are IT departments out there that could successfully deploy Ubuntu with these themes and remove their Windows installs without anyone really noticing the difference.

      I guess not having MS Office might be a clue, but if you were already using Libre Office, maybe it’d be fine?

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        Tell them to use office online

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          That’s a thing?!

          Hmmm… of course it is. Damn.

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          If you can withhold a bubble, maybe. But interop with Word is limited to people who use multiple newlines for pagebreaks. I had the joy of spending hours on fixing bullets and references in legal documents, from lawyers who actually know how to use Word.

          Fortunately going back and forth did not re-break anything, but what a shitshow LibreOffice Writer turned out to be.

          The UI for doing that was so bad I considered buying a license and running Word on the token Windows machine or CrossOver.

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          Really tempting for my next sleeper workstation build.