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    I’m quite glad to see that Google will start charging for reCAPTCHA. It will hopefully bring many to explore alternatives.

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      It’s interesting to see Google’s all-encompassing monolith slowly start to show cracks. I wonder what web players will do when Google is no longer the de-facto provider for fonts, captchas, analytics, online word processing, email, web browsers, etc. and instead the best services come from a variety of companies that don’t integrate as cleanly.

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        I personally like google fonts, but I find they load faster when I host them myself. I use font squirrel to convert regular font files to a webfont format, and then I self host that.

        Thanks to arp242 https://lobste.rs/u/arp242 for creating a lovely 3rd party web analytics solution, I use goat analytics instead of google analytics, which was my main gripe with google’s monolith.

        Google’s recaptcha is horrendously arduous though, doing recaptcha after recaptcha makes me so angry. The method that recaptcha uses to detect bots is asinine, any kind of minigame could be so much more fun for users.