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It’s been quite a while since Lobsters was transferred from the hands of @jcs to the community, and people like @pushcx and others stood up to keep everything running. I think we all owe our thanks to them for doing a great job keeping this site up and running over the past year or so!


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    This site is by far my favourite source of tech news. It is a no bullshit, well curated site that just focuses on the real technical stuff. Thank you to @pushcx, the other moderators, and my fellow members too!

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      Thanks, folks. Pretty quiet because I’m traveling for work this week, but I appreciate your comments and messages. Getting to help a community of folks interested in learning and collaborating is one of the most rewarding things in my life. Best wishes. :)

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        👏 @pushcx

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          Thanks to @pushcx, @Irene, and @alynpost for their hard work keeping one of the best tech forums going. Especially in the site’s rough times where they all put in more effort than a lot of folks to fairly balance free expression and civility.

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            Lobsters is probably the best thing to happen to me actually programming. The recognisable community means you can tell when someone’s actually somewhat knowledgeable and some great users (nickpsecurity comes to mind) are always asking the right questions. The moderation, administration, communication, other-ation is what keeps great sites great, thanks @pushcx.

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              Thanks to @pushcx for driving most of the things, @alynpost for the free hosting. Let’s not forgot to everyone else who helps running, making, improving lobsters. Including the currently 102 contributors on GitHub! :-)

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                What I love about lobsters is the diversity of interests represented in the articles posted. Sure, we get the latest greatest in the Javascript/web world, but we also get out of the way papers on some fairly obscure academic topics and retrocomputing articles about people who restore IBM 360s and the like for fun.

                Basically, Lobsters embodies the spirit of curiosity and fun in computing that can very easily get sucked out of you working in the code mines all day, and I really, REALLY value that.

                Thank you to everyone who works hard to make and keep this place great!

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                  Thanks to the Clawlateral committee for running this fancy part of the internet!

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                        (/) II (/)

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                      I love this website, thank you @pushcx! 🙇‍♂️

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                        I guess this is the One Thread where me-tooing is acceptable, so have my appreciation too!

                        Thanks to everybody involved in keeping this site running and free of trolls

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                          Thanks @pushcx and all mods for the awesome work!

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                            Thank you @pushcx, @Irene, and @alynpost for keeping the site running and maintaining the quality of discussions. Lobste.rs is my main source of tech… non-news I guess? I really enjoy the focus on non-clickbait, substantial content.

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                              I thank all parties in involved in making lobsters. The work is in some ways constant, tireless, and mostly thankless. I personally also appreciate the honestly and transparency with which moderation and administration happens.

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                                Hear hear! I use this as my primary technology news site aggregator now and I am so grateful for the people who are running it, contribute to it, and make it a welcoming and thoughtful community.

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                                  I mean they’re ok. I guess.

                                  j/k, this is one of my favorite places to find and share interesting technical links. Due to the community, guided by the mods and the subtle (but profound) technical decisions made along the way. Thanks for the leadership, moderation, keeping the lights on - all that stuff.

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                                    If my only complaint is that @pushcx is very quick to tell people to move their political snark^wdiscussions to #lobsters-boil from the #lobsters IRC channel then apparently there are no real complaints ;)

                                    Keep up the good work, everyone involved :)