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    Check lists are well proven way to ensure consistency and completeness. Using Trello is not the point here. Well, the company probably uses Trello a lot so it makes sense for new hires to learn the tool.

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      Absolutely! As a SRE and (amateur) pilot, it makes me happy to see people checklists.

      Actually, I can think of 2 reasons to use Trello that make it a better choice than many alternatives:

      • it’s a fully shared task tracker with commenting, allowing the manager to have visibility and the new hire to ask questions or take notes
      • board templates let you create a big set of tasks at once for each new hire

      I don’t know of anything besides Trello that has both. For example, I don’t know of any way in stock Jira to create a story / epic / board with a set of template tasks as this post describes. Trello’s “boards are cheap” model suits this task well.

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      I saw this used while I was working at GDS and brought it with me to my new company. I think what is interesting about it is that the boards can be open and shared around the organisation therefore the template can be changed and adapted during and after the onboarding process. I usually add a final card saying “Now correct any problems with this process”.

      In companies that used a central HR system that sent people emails reminders there was no sense of ownership or responsibility for fixing broken processes.