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      I wish there was a comparison between this and zsh-syntax-highlighting and why one might want to change.

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        Well the comparison would be a superset: fizsh includes zsh-syntax-highlighting and zsh-history-substring-search, all 3 projects part of the zsh-users group.

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      It’s odd to not see Fish mentioned at all. I loved Fish, but couldn’t use it for day-to-day work because of the lack of POSIX compatibility.

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        My experience too. The omission rankles a little harder, since the title seems to be a reference: Friendly Interactive SHell.

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        It’s in the man page (See DESCRIPTION).


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          Ah, thanks!

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      Syntax highlighting (with oh-my-zsh) is the primary reason I switched from bash to zsh years ago. Great to see more projects that syntax highlight an interactive shell! We’ve had color ls and grep for decades; why isn’t this default by now?