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    “Flash has been there from the dawn of the Internet” is something only a person with 93 in their nickname could write. ;)

    [ActiveX] acts as a middleware between Java and Flash applications

    Ok, I feel old for having seen the horrors of ActiveX (even though my nickname in the same format would only have 88 in it). But, for the record, the cool thing about ActiveX is that you could write ActiveX controls in any language. Of course, they would only run in IE for Windows, which completely negates that advantage, but still, before Emscripten there was nothing else that allowed you to write web frontend code in C++ if you really feel like it.

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      They(ActiveX apps) also usually have nothing to do with Java or Flash.

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        That was an implied point but yeah, I didn’t actually say that. I’ve made a PR to remove those factually incorrect statements though.

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      The list of password managers in 5_Privacy_Respecting_Software.md has 1Password as open-source and free if self-hosted. Am I missing something or is that not the case? I can’t find any reference to self-hosting on their site, and their github is pretty limited.

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        It’s probably referring to the sync methods outside of the default one hosted by AgileBits. You can use iCloud/Dropbox/etc or just save your database as a file and manage the syncing yourself. If you do that I think it’s free.

        As far as being open source, I don’t understand how it could qualify since I’m pretty sure it’s all closed source proprietary. Someone correct me if I’m wrong though since I’d love to peek through the code.