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    Here’s some thoughts just having watched it.

    • The app looks cool, useful, and easy to use. While watching it, I kept thinking ‘I wonder what js framework they have!’
    • When the new team member gets invited, I did a double take because I expected the next screen to show the email invitation with link, but it skipped and went straight to the signup form.
    • The fast screen/cursor following in the video was often jarring to me.
    • At times it felt like it was trying to show how to use the app, but was racing. I felt like if I wanted it to instruct me, I’d have to pause, rewind, and rewatch.

    Regarding point 4, maybe some of that could be eased by not covering so much on 1 screen. For example when covering the dashboard, there’s time spent mentioning the widgets on the left (Tasks & Activity monitor) but it doesn’t seem to tell me anything.

    For what it’s worth, I thought the pacing on the ‘new user’ section was the best of the different stages. I especially liked the line “Let’s have a look at Hiburo from a new member’s perspective”.

    One final bit I just noticed, the “I’ve already earned an achievement for being late on my first day” is a questionable line. That’s like, everybody’s nightmare, being late on your first day of work, and you just associated the app with it so, not a greet feeling there. Maybe there’s a positive alternative like ‘Welcomed as developer to the new team!’

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      Thank your for such insightful feedback. It will definitely help is in the future.

      I can only agree with all your points, specially about the speed. The first version of video was a bit slower, but then we cut some parts of the text, because we didn’t want to make it boring. Probably, shouldn’t have done that.

      First day’s achievement was meant as joke, to lighten the mood of video. We chose exactly this achievement, because that’s what most of our users get when they first sign-up and check-in. Your point about association with the bad event makes sense, but it didn’t come to our minds when we created the script.

      Speaking about js framework, it’s just plain old jQuery, nothing fancy. The backend is written in Python, with the help of Django framework.