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I had been leaving my own laptop in the safe of my hotel room each day; returning from meeting Greenwald I found the safe would no longer lock.

Or how about this bit:

[…] texting my wife: “The CIA sent someone to check me out. Their techniques as clumsy as Russians.” She replied: “Really? WTF?” I added: “God knows where they learn their spycraft.” This exchange may have irritated someone. My iPhone flashed and toggled wildly between two screens; the keyboard froze; I couldn’t type.



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    badbios claims its second victim.

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      So… this sounds really implausible, right? Why would someone who hacked his machines reveal themselves in such pointless ways? And if you think your systems have been compromised to this degree, why wouldn’t you replace them?

      Edit: Here’s an article he wrote in 2011 about the supposed intimidation campaign a Russian spy agency ran against him. His evidence includes “Screensaver of [wife] and the kids deleted from computer'”. I’m inclined to diagnose him as paranoid and bad with computers.

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        Well, at least that gives his “as clumsy as Russians” text message context… before proceeding to put this article in a whole different light. In light of all the other overt government intimidation reported by various Guardian staff, as well as the desperate stupidity displayed by the spy agencies in pursuit of Snowden, I’d not found this one too implausible. But no Snowden-like context exists to lend credibility to his previous story… Sigh.