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    From TOPLAS 2011. More info here: http://www.cs.umd.edu/projects/PL/locksmith/index.html

    Does anyone who’s more familiar with static analysis have the time to give context? I was surprised it was 6 years old, because I had thought this kind of analysis on C was really Hard. I was ready to believe it was a significant new result.

    Has this had a lot of impact? They mention hoping that it would help other analyses, in their conclusion.

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      I don’t know enough about the general state of race detection to know if the technique in this paper is particularly efficient or effective, but static analysis tools for detecting race conditions in C and C++ have been commercially available for a while. Coverity has been able to do it to some extent for 10 years. Intel also has a tool.

      It always surprises me how far behind the open source solutions are when it comes to static analysis on C and C++. Maybe there’s so much money to be made selling analysis tools that nobody wants to release their code? Every job I’ve had writing C++ has used some kind of analysis tool, but we always have to pay for it because the OSS solutions are so far behind. I feel it’s getting better now that Clang is around, though.