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Team (per Country) medals link: https://stats.ioinformatics.org/delegations/2019

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    This ranking is interesting, but since I’m not an expert in competitive programming, especially at such a high level, could someone please interpret the results of this year? How are they special compared to past years, etc? Anything remarkable? Anything that catches your eye and why?

    Thank you

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      Administrative rules are here: https://ioi2019.az/en-content-14.html (with changes in red (eg strike through), compared to 2018) . Seem to be minor changes only.

      The problems (tasks), are here https://ioi2019.az/en-content-27.html

      In terms of anything special…

      Well.. The team from neighboring country Armenia, did not attend this year. I suspect this is because of not-very-good geo political relations between then host country and Armenia. They were in all the prior Olympiads.

      Gennady Korotkevich, from Belarus, is still #1 hall-of-famer https://stats.ioinformatics.org/people/804 He also, seem to be, still, the only one that solved all problems all correctly https://stats.ioinformatics.org/olympiads/2011 (I did just manual review though, I might be wrong).

      All problems seem to be in combinatorics, dynamic programming, graph theory. I think, partially, it is because solutions to those are easier to grade fairly.

      It would be very very interesting to see the actual coded solutions. But I have not found where they are.. yet.