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    Too bad, lobste.rs-BBS isn’t running any longer – that was gorgeous on my VT220

    (hint, hint sysop team :P)

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      Probably not worth fixing given limited use. It as a beautiful and neat feature, though. I used it for a few days. I could also imagine a native client done that way being more useful, efficient, and secure.

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        I tried it for a bit but the fact you got disconnected after like 5 minutes and I had to input my 24 char randomly generated password every time put a damper on my enthusiasm.

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      A E S T H E T I C

      Any chance you could get lynx looking at lobsters? :3

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        Sure thing!

        https://u.teknik.io/bfG9p.jpg https://u.teknik.io/rAyqc.jpg

        Is it everything you were hoping for?

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          Oh man, I was hoping for a screenshot of this thread!

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          Casually shilling for a possibly relevant project

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          I’ve always had a soft spot for DEC terminals with amber displays - my first forays onto the Internet were done using one (albeit connected to a VAX running VMS).

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            A great thing. If you have the time/will/energy you could de-yellow the chassis to make it complete ;).

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              Here’s a wayback to instructions for mixing up a batch of Retr0brite if you are interested.