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      at least in this day and age the government is made up entirely of self-serving criminal cowards

      This is false.

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        Well, there is the argument that its going to be a lot more difficult to root out corruption, if they’re all allowed to use their own encryption tools, hiding things from the public - their masters.

        But, the argument can also be made: we’re already in this mess. The ability of the government to keep such secrets is how we get ruled by corrupt masters, in the first place. Would that we, the people, had THEIR keys, and not the other way around ..

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        There is no room, in this worldview, for the notion of tech companies being responsible, answerable, to their legions of everyday users.

        Are them? Really?

        Are we talking about companies that “do no evil”?

        While technically sound, this article smells of a fight for power: a small group of large multinational corporate reacts against a (once) powerful government.

        There are exceptions, but in both camps, people are just cows to milk.