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I have released a new version of the MPRIS enabled audioscrobbler daemon for linux. It loads track informations from your media player (if it supports MPRIS) and can submit it to the three existing scrobbling services: libre.fm, musicbrainz (free) and last.fm (non-free).

This might be something you’re interested in, if you were annoyed at having to chase scrobbling plugins for each player you’re using or have to enable multiple of them for each service.

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    Very nice project!

    Shameless plug: I’ve stolen some ideas from it for a scrobber/music-sharing experiment.

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      That’s great to hear! I was actually considering to add more output types than just scrobbling services and it seems like an ActivityPub client would make sense and involve two of my interests.

      I’ll bookmark your project so I can get inspired right back if I ever do that. :P

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      I’ve been meaning to switch to this from the old tool I was using.

      My favorite part is that ListenBrainz is the first entry in services you should connect to as it is open data that I hope will end up doing very good things as we break out of closed systems like Spotify and Last.fm for recommendations.

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        Yes, I wish they had a better authorization mechanism than they currently do, but outside of that their platform is my favourite also.