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      i’m waiting for version 3.14, so we can call it pithon

      1. 3

        Well, some would insist it’s halftauthon…

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          Ba dum, tsssss

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          Does the pattern matching work with __subclasshook__? If so, I am looking forward to doing horrible horrible things with it

          EDIT: it totally does

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            Please, hwayne… Have mercy!

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                Hillel… No… We talked about this…

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                  This gives me strong ruby vibes :)

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              Excited to use the pattern matching! I hadn’t been keeping up with where it was at, so I’m pleasantly surprised it’s landed.

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                What’s this? How does a pretty simple snake turn into a chimera? Because, space like black hole? Do we really paint flowers and rainbow colors so that we can ignore the sharp fang?

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                  Do you mean the sharp bang (#!)?