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    It seems like just yesterday Slackware was the only (maintained) distribution in town. I’m getting old…

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      Slackware was the first distro I used, around 1999 probably. Was excited as hell for the release of Slackware 7.0.

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      Oof. Slackware 3.1 was my first distro, installed it off a bunch of 3.5 floppies on my 486.

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        I’m saving up for another 4MB of RAM and another 10 floppy disks so I can install X windows!

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        A few weeks ago I decided to get rid of Debian Unstable from my desktop. Initially I installed Slackware but after some time I felt unsatisfied and gave Arch a try. Now Arch Linux is on my laptop and desktop and I’m really happy with it. However my impression is that Slackware shares some values with Arch. I’m not experienced with Slackware enough to make a judgement. Does anyone use Slackware? Why do you use it? What’s its strong and weak points? I’m not looking for anyone to convince me I’d just love to hear some personal stories!

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          There wasn’t much other good coverage when I posted, but here’s the original release announcement: