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      part of me wishes the matrix folks would give their core software more love instead of embarking on side projects. basic things that have been missing for years include:

      • custom emojis
      • easy to use moderation tools
      • an admin dashboard
      • databases that don’t grow to 200+GB and require strange manual compression
      • message edits sending notifications

      i’m a matrix user & really want the ecosystem to succeed, but helping operate cyberia.club’s matrix system been expensive, to say the least.

      the shining light that i see in the distance is basically an open, federated Discord. but the more p2p and metaverse centric matrix gets, the less hope i tend to have for its future. it might be hard to stay away from that now, given their backers1.

      i hope i’m wrong!! trying to stay positive. matrix is still great software, and it has served us well.

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        I don’t think Matrix is ready to take on Discord yet at least. But for basic chat usage it’s more than capable imo.

        custom emojis

        Custom emojis and stickers already exist, however Element doesn’t have proper tools for using them. In Nheko and Fluffychat they work fine though. I don’t understand why Element doesn’t add those.

        easy to use moderation tools, an admin dashboard

        Agree with you there. Having similar role-based model to Discord would be nice. There are third party admin dashboards but having first party one within Element would be cool.

        databases that don’t grow to 200+GB and require strange manual compression

        In Synapse config you can at least try to mitigate this, since you can set it to delete older media. I’ve set my threshold to 90 days.

        message edits sending notifications

        I think this is more a clientside setting

        Anyhow, all these “sidequests” are fine by me since it’s different people, often individuals who are making them. Matrix is just a protocol and Element is the client made by the Matrix devs to keep the lights on, although they have said it’s not supposed to be “flagship” client.. If I remember correctly.

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      I’m really glad this exists, and I’m excited to see where it goes. Everything else in this space is being built marketplace-first, which results in virtual worlds that feel like expensive and unpopular shopping malls, or airport retail kiosks. Sony set the standard for this with PlayStation Home, and every other company has been trying to make the model work since then.

      Whatever happened to Second Life? That seemed to have a certain cachet to it at some point, but as I understand it, it’s mostly devolved into a sex thing by now.

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        Second Life is still somewhat popular among the furry subculture, but yes it’s mostly about sex stuff nowadays.

        I remember trying some third-person shooter game in Second Life way back but it was full of cheaters: people wrote scripts for themselves that made them invulnerable to anything and such.

        And most creative things i saw were the, uh, kinky kind.

        (I do not think it being a sex thing is bad per se but its definitely not for me anymore.. If it ever was.)

        Edit: what doesnt help Second Life at all is that it’s proprietary and nobody can ever take it and make it better. Thirdroom lets people truly create things.. Hopefully.

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      While not strictly a game, but an open source “metaverse”, I still find it interesting. This could be fun way to build games or other 3d applications for your Matrix room users.

      I have already many ideas, like creating my own Quake clone for it. This could also work really well for remote DnD campaigns.

      Multiplayer is difficult to do, so having somekind of easy-to-start base to build on interests me. With proper tooling I think this could be it. Never going to be perfect but making simple games for your pals to play while chatting sounds great to me.

      And having FOSS alternative for “metaverse” (or Second Life :P ) is nice on paper anyhow. Gives people choice.