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    Machine translation for those who, like me, don’t read much German and are a bit lazy.

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      Redit is a text editor for the Amiga. It’s fairly new – the first version came out in 2014 – but one of its most interesting features is that it works on versions of AmigaOS all the way back to at least 1.2 from 1986!

      The source is available, and it’s a really well-done piece of software.

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        The source is available

        For some definition of available. Not Open Source nor Free Software, as it doesn’t have the 4 freedoms.

        Unmodifiziert darf dieses Archiv beliebig kopiert und verbreitet werden.
        Es drfen jedoch keine Binaries verbreitet werden, welche auf Grundlage
        dieses Quellcodes entstanden sind.
        Bitte fragen Sie mich, wenn Sie den Quellcode darber hinaus nutzen wollen.
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          So, source available, not open source or free software, exactly as stated.

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        It’s a neat one, but the authors seem to have abandoned the English userbase entirely.

        They used to have English version, and documentation. I’m using an older version because of this.

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          “So why’d you decide to learn German?”

          “Well there was this text editor…”

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          Not to discount this work here, but Vim is still available for Amiga. I know I’d prefer that!