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      I was expecting a clueless anti-V6 rant. Instead I got a great history and an explanation of why the parts of V6 that suck suck.

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        I lived through this whole history (I even did a little ARCnet back in the day) and still it was eye-opening to read through the whole saga in one place. It’s well-known at work that I may involuntarily come out with sections of this rant whenever I do any network debugging.

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          Fascinating and glorious. One might be depressed at the pile of hacks, but really we should be amazed at how well it all works!

          That said, we still all need to use IPv6 everywhere. :D

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            I do have a lab setup for our apprentices where they have to build a network for a fictional business and it is supposed to be v6 only. But every now and then stuff creeps up that’s not v6 capable. I am also seeing the ipv4 mindset sneaking into the design most notably transfer networks where probably link-local should be used.