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    I’m conflicted on this.

    I really want the feature: it’s an absolute win for bandwidth and performance, and being able to do it without JavaScript is exactly the direction that browsers should be going in. I can add the loading=“eager” attribute on all of my images and not have to worry about how it degrades in older browsers (it degrades to eager loading) like I would have to worry about how a JavaScript implementation degrades in a browser with aggressive JS blocking (it often degrades to not showing the images at all). So, I’ve submitted the bug to Firefox in hopes of seeing it.

    There are a couple of downsides.

    1. For now, the proposal is Chrome-only. The Firefox team does not seem enthusiastic about picking it up.
    2. It could be used as another means of doing user fingerprinting and fine-grained user behavior tracking without JavaScript (consider what you could do with a column of one pixel transparent tracking images all down the edge of a page). This is bad, and it may prevent it from being implemented in Firefox.