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Full text: https://arxiv.org/abs/1707.00934

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    No true Scotsman would call this “teleportation.”

    The transfer of state between entangled photons (after transmission) is pretty interesting to say the least, but no material mass is being made to traverse distances at or beyond the speed of light, which is what teleportation used to mean. Teleportation of state really needs a more specific term, since it’s somewhat dry, when compared to the idea of actual teleportation. Maybe coin a new term, like “luminous antireplicaportation” to emphasize that the state of a standing photon is induced by a counterpart altered elsewhere.

    Someday, when we have entangled energy soup as a commodity raw material or feedstock for matter replicators and holodecks, maybe the ramifications of this sort of thing will become more tangible.