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    PhantomJS was THE tool for headless testing of Javascript applications. It would be sad to lose it completely. Even if Chrome headless seems to be persuasive it is never good to have only one big player as a choice of dependency. I hope a new maintainer will be found and development can go on.

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      Well, from the point of view of ecosystem variety continued survival of SlimerJS which automates Mozilla’s Gecko is more pressing. It is not actually headless but who cares when Xvfb exists; it has very similar API to PhantomJS.

      The main question for SlimerJS is what happens with each next Mozilla’s XUL-reliance-reduction step.

      Maybe eventual convergence of everything towards WebDriver protocol with each engine implementing it as well as they implement all the Web APIs (actually quite well, but far from perfectly) and a few engine-independent clients (like Selenium) will end up being an OK situation, though.