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    To take this idea to the extreme, Katja Wulff made Kaffekokarkokboken / coffee machine cuisine to cook basically anything with a coffee maker. The Atlantic did a nice article on her:

    Sometimes people are like “Oh, you must be stupid… Don’t you realize that it’s much more efficient to cook with a stove!!!???” … OF COURSE I know that. But that’s not the point.

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      Could coffee have been used for making it bitter rather than hops or seaweed?

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        What does this have to do with science? I’ve flagged this as off-topic. If you ever find yourself struggling to fit the tags to an article, that probably means it’s off-topic.

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          What does this have to do with science? Here are some quotes from the (actually fairly short) blog post that might help you see how it’s science:

          Over the past year, through experimentation and advice from fellow scientists and brewers, I’ve modified the recipe.


          we went back to the brew pot, experimented with new reagents, and bring you now the definitive guide to brewing beer in a coffee maker, using only materials commonly found on a modestly sized oceanographic research vessel.


          Beer brewing is the delicate and dedicated blending of art and science.


          I’d like to thank everyone who has tested and experimented with this method. Please report back with your successes and failures.

          Not only is it interesting and scientific, but it’s practically overflowing with the hacker spirit, finding improvised equipment working in a situation where you have incredible restraints on what’s available, as well as experimenting with non-traditional ingredients due to the similarity of their chemical composition to more traditional ingredients.

          If you can’t see how this (ongoing) brewing experiment is science, I’m not sure what you think science is

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            This article was a cooking recipe, no matter how much it nominally followed the scientific method.

            We do not have a cooking tag or a brewing tag, and as such I think @ngoldbaum is reasonable in their complaint.

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              If an apple falls off the tree in the orchard and begins fermenting would you say ‘science’ or ‘cooking’ is happening as the sugars are converted into alcohol by yeast?