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    This appears to be a blanket order. However, news agencies are speculating that it will be limited to Huawei, or perhaps more specifically Huawei telecommunications equipment. It’s worth noting that neither Huawei nor China are mentioned directly in the order.

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      From my reading it appears to not actually name any specific devices/companies/countries in the order and instead just authorizes officials to name them, right? Am I reading it correctly?

      I’ll admit that I forgot about all the Huawei stuff going on (mostly because honestly I’m not really caught up on it) and when I read this my mind immediately went to SuperMicro (and truthfully then to wondering if the president was just… to put it as neutrally as possible, lashing out for some other, unrelated reason).

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        Yes. No specific adversary or country has been designated although Huawei and ZTE, which are currently banned for use within the US government are expected targets. It is of course concerning that such an order could be used to keep cell providers from allowing use of Chinese phones, such as my beloved Cubot King Kong 3 that I use for long bike rides