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    This is painful to read. “Front-end” in general always shirks its responsibility to accessibility in the name of vanity. I saw it in Win32, where custom controls were indecipherable, I saw it happen during the Rise of the Great Universal Language (Java), and now here. (FWIW, I don’t know what the situation with the web is.)

    This angers me significantly.

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      The situation in the web is: generally, there are solutions, in practice, they take a backseat over new fancy interaction patterns for the seeing.

      A great illustration is ARIA. In general, there is a standard for adding roles to elements http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria/. In practice, there is a javascript template engine hiding the name. http://ariatemplates.com/documentation

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      Spotify got back to me with a boilerplate reply, & I replied in turn to ask that the issue be taken seriously.


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        Meta: I’m sad about getting off-topic downvotes. This is common to my submissions; I think I suck at tagging :( What tags do people think I should have used?

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          I think that the tags are relevant. The cynic in me would guess that some people don’t find accessibility a technical-enough subject to be on Lobsters.