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    Posted because the title of a recent post here reminded me that “passion” is perhaps not the best indicator of programmer quality.

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      “Passion” is a euphemism like “culture fit”. It’s a more politically correct way for tech bosses to justify exploitative practices.

      They want young men who are on their first job or two because (a) they don’t have the organizational or social skills to make them a threat to management– originally, age discrimination was about union anxiety– and (b) they haven’t yet learned that most people don’t get any career benefit from their startups and, in fact, usually lose ground because of the sacrifices they’re expected to make for these companies (that show no loyalty in return). Kicking out the olds and the girls was originally about union prevention, but now it’s more generally about awareness prevention. They don’t want the guy who can say that he’s been offered startup options five times but that his net worth and career are a decade behind where they’d be if he had worked for real companies.

      Tech bosses are afraid that if they hire the 50-year-old who’s been around a few blocks and realized that 90-hour weeks are almost never worth it, he’ll spoil all the 25-year-olds and they’ll want to be fairly treated. As somewhat of an old myself (at 33) I would say that this is generally not true. I’m not going to work 90 hour weeks just to let a manager get away with being stingy, but I’m also not going to risk my job by “corrupting” the youth. I’ll speak the truth when asked, but I also know when I should shut the fuck up.

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      Going to flag this as already posted. Even though this specific article has not been linked before, it says nothing the last 100 blog posts about passion submitted here did not already.

      Getting quite tired of seeing exactly the same posts (and comment threads) come up over and over.

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        Um, did you read it? Your characterisation of this post is misleading, in my opinion. I found this post a very thoughtful critique of using the “passion” to describe a desirable attribute in a job description and I immediately edited it out of my CV after reading it.

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          Gosh, I’m really getting tired of “just not too much on that topic”. It’s a great feature of these platforms that people can dig out articles around a topic currently being discussed.

          It’ll blow over. Next week, we’ll have a different subject du jour which you’d probably like more.