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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Being unemployed!

    New job starts Monday.

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      Me too! My job starts the following Monday. Honestly, it feels really weird.

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      • Schooling:
        • Getting ready to kick some GED butt.
        • Just brushing up on my math, but besides that I’m ready to start taking it.
        • I might be able to take them for free due to really high scores on the READY tests.
      • Home:
        • Working on rsPhate 2.0, the new rewrite of my Discord bot.
        • Working on crusty, a shell written in Rust. (I can’t take all the credit though, it has an amazing contributor who’s worked a lot on it too!)
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        Participating in the Octojam 8!

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          We couldn’t find your page

          Did you link the right page?

          Found the right page: https://itch.io/jam/octojam-8

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            Ah, thanks, I’ve fixed the link.

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          • Enjoying nice weather with partner and doggo.
          • Working on the fourth rewrite of trying to implement bidirectional type checking. I thiiiiiiink I’m on the right track this time!
          • Cleaning up my rental property
          • Maybe playing with Void Linux on my desktop. Or maybe OpenBSD or Alpine or something weird like that. …any recommendations? (Not Nix; I appreciate it, but I’m not in the mood for it ;-)
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            netboot OpenBSD on an old Sun box! :-D

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              Maybe Slackware if you have never used it? Void is nice but it feels a lot like Arch pre-systemd to me, nothing too special.

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                Exactly that makes it very special to me, actually 😅

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                I’m all for enjoying nice weather and Void Linux!

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                • Setting up an LLC in Texas to maybe use my plumbing license … someday.
                • Messing around with nested virtualization on an AMD processor in Windows Server 2022.
                • Getting my puppy vaccinated.

                So, pretty much a bunch of randomness.

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                  Joining a pride parade in the city.

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                    Writing up some of my adventures with Janet and Raylib in a side project diary. Hoping to get something substantive published before the Lisp game jam later this month. (I’m not entering, but maybe it’ll inspire someone to try Janet.)

                    So far this has mostly been fighting with ffmpeg to try to get pixel graphics to look decent, as in order to accurately trim videos you need to re-encode them because keyframes and editlists and I dunno here this is all new to me. I was very alarmed when a single mp4 file played differently in all four of VLC, QuickTime, Firefox, and Safari, and had to learn more than I wanted about video in order to just embed simple little screencasts in my blog.

                    Eventually I’ll try to figure out how to webassembly and webgl so I can embed interactive demos, but I haven’t tried to cross that bridge yet. The first post in the series is up, but it’s mostly an intro and not super interesting yet.

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                      Working on some basic primitives in a tiny language. Hoping to give my brain a break from work.

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                        I’m relearning React. It’s been two or three years since I last used it seriously, and I want to get comfortable with it once again especially when it comes to new features like Hooks.

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                          From a usuability point of view hooks look like a step-back to me. Also, while the previous version was not simple, I could imagine how it works under the hooks, and the upcoming scheduler are daunting. In any case, reactjs and react-query leads to code that is more difficult to read (they do not use async / await for performance reasons). WDYT?

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                            To be totally honest, I’m not a big fan of hooks (the little that I’ve used it). It feels like too much magic is going on, and it’s taking a while to wrap my head around it. But I want to keep an open mind and learn it properly since the community seems to largely accepted it as the new default way to write React.

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                              Did you change your mind regarding ReactJS and its hooks?

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                          Strange Loop



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                            Installing a fan unit over our stove. It’s the penultimate project in this apartment we moved in to last November.

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                              • Traveling to NYC for work
                              • Working on my comically over-engineered chat/bot system to make progress on v2, a rewrite I hope to eventually run as a service
                              • Cleaning up go-irc/irc for a v4 release
                              • Deciding what to do about the base16 theme repos (and an owner who has been absent for quite a while)
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                                I’m headed back to Colorado Springs to help with a garage sale on Saturday, and mountain biking on Sunday. If the schedule works out, I may stop in and have dinner with my mom.

                                I’m also still playing with amateur radio. I’ve been having a lot of fun listening in and playing with gear, but I’m really nervous and hesistant to transmit and talk to people, so I need to work up the nerve to do that. I’ve been looking into connecting my Xiegu G90 to the computer, but it looks like I might need a different sound card.

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                                  • Going through my personal nixpkgs set and moving relevant packages from it upstream.
                                  • Mentoring a few of my friends to work on Rust things for Hacktoberfest