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    This extension is apparently called “AMX”, see here.

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      Another post in that thread argues that these instructions won’t be user facing. We will find out in a few days.

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        I can personally confirm that they are running on the main AP cores.

        It’s however possible that Xcode public tools won’t have support for it, and apps would only use it through Accelerate.framework in that case. (support for AMX in Accelerate.framework is already done since a long time)

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        Apple, creating its own system to serve its purposes while never caring what the rest of the world thinks, whether it’s a good idea or not?

        Nahhhhhhh. They’d never do that..

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          huh, is that supposed to be a link to webassembly.org? What does WASM have to do with Apple creating its own systems? WASM was a collaboration between all browser vendors, and its precursor all the way back from 2013 was Mozilla’s asm.js.

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            Apple don’t sell CPUs, they sell devices. So who GaF if they have proprietary ISA extensions? It’s not like we need binary portability between your phone and your desktop.