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    Host Here.

    Pauls story is pretty amazing. He started programming with programmable calculators and selling the programs to magazines, then he moved to the Apple II and he also worked on the space shuttle.

    If you’ve ever thought about leaving the city behind, to do development surrounded by nature, you might like this story.

    Let me know what you think.

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      I apologize for asking before listening, but is the whole Reed College thing a coincidence, or did that have something to do with AppleWriter?

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        I’m not sure of a connection between Paul and Reed College. I think Jobs had some connection but it’s unrelated to this particular story.

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          Nice job with the interview, and with the episode now that I’ve listened. This is going into my overcast list for a while.

          Last time I read about Paul Lutus, the piece mentioned an award from Reed College, and I thought that implied some affiliation with Reed. It looks like the Vollum award does not imply that at all. It’s coincidental that he and Steve Jobs received the same award and that Mr. Jobs also spent some time as a student at Reed.

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            Oh cool. I didn’t know of that!

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      Wrote my first contract program on an Apple IIe. Good times.

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        I think you mean the Apple //e

        ;-) :-)

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        This episode was great. I always like characters that regret being publicly rich because they cannot be overlooked anymore as just another bum on the street (i.e. gotta worry what people’s intentions are).

        I should read Knuth…