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      I can’t wait to see performance benchmarks for this! Pie in the sky dream: if this started being competitive with DirectWrite and CoreText it would be perfect for Alacritty - ligatures for free and a cross-platform Rust dependency instead of a mess of cfg’s.

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        Note that this is not a DirectWrite competitor, although it can be a part of that. Allsorts does no rendering.

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          I don’t think Alacritty uses DirectWrite for rendering though (so as far as Alacritty is concerned, it is a competitor). But it is the case that DirectWrite and CoreText do interesting rendering work that is out of scope for Allsorts.

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        That would indeed be pretty cool. I’d like to see it get worked into the existing font/type ecosystem in Rust to make adding it to a project easier. That’s probably not a work time project though. :)

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      Nice work, I can’t wait to try this out! Hopefully I will have some free time over the holidays and next year to try helping with Arabic support.

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      So this is what you were working on! Super amazing.

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        Yep. Super excited to have it published.