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    This looks extremely exhaustive. Afraid to dive in, bookmarking >.>

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      It’s not too bad if you read it in bite sized chunks. I’m generally only interested in a subset of the documentation, so I’m reading that while skimming the rest.

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      Note that not all pages of this site are up to date, as implied by “Copyright 2014, 2020” in the footer of each page. The Smartphone section still recommends CyanogenMod, an open-source Android distribution that was discontinued in 2016. The modern alternative to CyanogenMod is LineageOS.

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          I get this ambiguous (and somewhat ironic, for a “DIY” networking site) TLS cert error when trying to view the site in a webkit browser:

          A problem occurred while loading the URL https://roll.urown.net/index.html
          Unacceptable TLS certificate: Error not specified.

          (for the record, Firefox seems OK with it /shrug)

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            I’ve ended up on this site a few times when googling various stuff regarding setting up my home network / home lab. It’s been a great resource this far!