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    So can we watch Netflix on FreeBSD now?

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      I suppose it’s more about the use of FreeBSD inside the Netflix infrastructure.

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        Yeah, that was the point. Netflix happily uses FreeBSD but couldn’t care less about FreeBSD users.

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          Of course not. Why would a for profit media company waste (expensive) resources to support an OS that basically nobody uses on the desktop?

          I know it sounds harsh, but Freebsd desktop use is irrelevant to any company.

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            Gaming on Linux was mostly irrelevant until Steam found a reason to support/foster it (apply pressure on Microsoft + Apple and their app stores). Given that the PS4 (and presumably PS5) uses FreeBSD for it’s OS and Netflix supports that platform there’s probably some incentive there to upstream certain things. Though I presume Sony is happy to keep status quo for the moment.

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              I imagine a lot of the PS4 graphics code they write is under NDA with AMD since they’re not just using off-the-shelf components, but I could be wrong. Has Sony given anything back?

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                Has Sony given anything back?

                Not that I know of but then I’m totally the wrong person to answer that question.

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            Hey, at least they’re in the second largest donor class this year. I’d think FreeBSD Development would deserve more all things considered.

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          Sure You can, In a Linux/Windows/Android VM under Bhyve :p

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          There was an interesting talk about this last year at FOSDEM: https://archive.fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/netflix_freebsd/

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            This article is really fascinating! But one of the headings says “Getting to 200 Tb/s” when it clearly means 200 Gb/s. Call me when commodity servers can handle 200 Tb/s :)