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      Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’ve found mutt kinda obnoxious to use with gmail accounts. I know there are resources online for this, still annoying.

      Using epic is pretty unusual, most people I know use irssi or a graphical client. Old-timer that started with ircii?

      I have a relatively expensive and nice chair ($400) that I am extremely fond of, but cannot imagine paying $1k for a desk, sit-stand or no. I’d rather deal hunt locally on craigslist.

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        Old-timer that started with ircii?

        Yeah. I think a lot of my monochrome habits started because of that vt510.

        but cannot imagine paying $1k for a desk, sit-stand or no. I’d rather deal hunt locally on craigslist.

        My Ikea Jerker desk lasted me 14 years through 7 moves across the country, so as long as I keep this one for a long time, I think it’ll be worth the money. It’s less than the cost of a computer which I go through much quicker.

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        Have you tried sup as a mutt replacement? http://supmua.org/

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          I moved from mutt to sup. I’m much happier with the threading and search in place of folders.

          And to reply out-of-order to @bitemyapp: is “bushfire” on your GitHub the start of your terminal Twitter client? I’ve been getting tempted to write one, both for Haskell practice and because every existing client has the Wrong UX. I’m curious to see what you come up with.

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            I’ll be mimicking https://github.com/jugyo/earthquake partly because I think it’s snazzy af, partly because the console UI is relatively easy to implement.

            I’d love help on bushfire if you’re up for it. I’m figuring out whether I want raw stdio or to use vty to handle the asynchronous output occurring while user might be typing.

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          This looks really cool, I’ll give it a shot, thank you!

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            Update: another Ruby terminal app I cannot successfully install.

            I’m in the middle of writing a terminal Twitter client in Haskell because I can’t get earthquake working even if I use Docker.


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              Ya, honestly I wish they had written it in go. The concept is perfect though.

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        I use mu and mbsync, but I don’t use Gmail, so I can’t speak as to how well the combination works. For plain vanilla IMAP, however, it’s great, and the Emacs client (mu4e) is fantastic.

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        yeah, the Gmail folder structure makes it awkward with any IMAP mail client - but I haven’t used gmail in years, so

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      Lots of Mac users there.

      (also, he’s missing the bsd tag on that site, hmm?)

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        Fixing that, yep! Was an oversight. :)

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        And fixed.

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      For those who use window managers like ratpoison under OS X, do you try to only run X11 apps (e.g. firefox-x11 rather than standard OS X Firefox)? I tried to run a tiling window manager for a while while using regular OS X Chrome but the context switching got too frustrating.

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        No, I only use it for xterms on OS X. Even when using other X11 apps like wireshark, I launch them in different X11 instances to use the normal quartz-wm window manager.

        I did try to make this hack to use a Cocoa webkit browser manageable under X11 for side-by-side editing and browsing, but it didn’t turn out very well. I’ve tried other things since, but the MBA’s screen is just too small to run a terminal next to a decent sized web browser.

        Though now I’m also using a Thinkpad X1 carbon with a larger screen that I use with OpenBSD, and it’s much more comfortable to have terminals next to a big size browser.