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This is the client portion of goma, the distributed build system used by Chromium. As mentioned on twitter, the advantage of goma over other distributed compilations systems (fastbuild, distcc, etc) is that it works for almost all platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, etc) natively. Unfortunately it will not be particularly useful for general development until the server side is released, but this is hopefully a good sign that will happen soon.


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    Wow, what happened to their build times in 3 years? A 5x increase doesn’t sound reasonable; that sounds more like a bug than a natural progression.

    I built Chrome (and Android) from scratch a few years ago (2014 actually), and as far as I remember their builds parallelized very well on a multi-core machine. Even accounting for code growth, if your build actually parallelizes, it shouldn’t get slower over time in real terms, because multi-core machines still get somewhat faster over time.

    build time was 30 minutes in July 2014, but it is now more than 150 minutes (without jumbo) in 2017 on particular Mac