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    You can use jhelvy/splitKbCompare to compare with many useful filter

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      I don’t love fully split keyboards. I end up searching for but never finding the perfect position of the individual halves on my desk. I don’t think it’s hard to find a good position, but because I can move them around and angle them differently I always try to find a “better” position. That’s why I personally like split-but-physically-joined keyboards like the Kinesis Advantage more.

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        For my money, the Microsoft Natural Pro keyboards (late 90s / early 2000s) are unbeatable. I really wish somebody would pick up exactly that design and start manufacturing them again.

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          Almost! I want that design, but with the option to swap in switches; I had to stop using mine because the squishy/springy key travel was actively hurting my hand.

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            Yeah, I bought two of these early on in my career and I always liked the initial feel, and then after a couple years the rubber would just be degraded to the point where it lost the snappy feel.

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          Dactyl keyboard is best keyboard.

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            I have two old Kinesis Advantages, an old shoddy Ergodox and a much sleaker one by Falbatech.

            Reading this list, Dactyl stuck out as the only one that might improve my life, save for maybe upgrading the Kineses.

            The Falbatech Ergodox I use at home, disabling the laptop’s built-in keyboard and having the Ergodox on top of it, as I often use the laptop on my lap. The Dactyl may or may not fit this use-case well.

            The shoddy one at the office is somewhat permanently on my desk with interchangeable laptops.

            For that use-case the Dactyl would be super-interesting, if the general layout is the same as Ergodox’s. Maybe I should find out where to buy one (if I can spare the cash) and how similar it is and what’s up with Clojure ;)