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Fuelled by Acorn’s innovative ARM RISC processor, the Archimedes or ‘A’ series offer workstation power and spectacular graphics abilities at PC prices. With their place in education already assured, Dick Pountain believes their speed may also guarantee them entry into the business world.


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    I remember when the A series came out, and recall drooling at the demo model playing 24x7 in the windows of the Archimedes retailer on Brighton Road in Worthing in the early 1990s.

    We teenagers knew that the Archimedes was technically superior to the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, but it was far too expensive for any of us – or our parents – to afford. If I recall correctly, you could get an ST or Amiga for around £250, bundled with a mountain of games. Acorn also used MIPS in its advertising instead of MHz, which we struggled to relate to, though we understood the definition.

    It didn’t help that we had 8-bit BBC Acorns in the classrooms at school, so, as foolish teens, the Archimedes seemed rather stuffy and academic to us, by its association with the BBC micro. Reading this article thirty years later, it sounds like it really was a pretty great machine.

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      Oh my goodness, lander. That was great!

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        It was a sad day when the demo disk for lander broke at junior school.