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    One of my home routers actually exhibits the broken behaviour #2 :-(

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      Expensive and inexpensive wifi radios go bad. Cheaper ones generally sooner than later, and hopefully it happens within the warranty.

      On a side note, Apple’s Airport wifi devices are covered under warranty as long as they were purchased within 2 years of the purchase of a Mac with AppleCare. Giving them potentially up to a 5 year warranty.

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        I don’t think here it is a broken radio, but a software issue, either on the Mac, on the router, or presumably both.

        The only routers I buy are the ones that are supported by OpenWrt. What a difference that makes compared to the crappy vendor firmware!

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          It doesn’t seem like a radio issue to me either. Pinging the access point itself on its internal IP works fine, with no interruptions. It’s the connection to the internet that drops out every 30 seconds or so, so the problem seems to be with its functionality as a router rather than its wifi functionality.

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            The only routers I buy are the ones that are supported by OpenWrt

            Ditto, but that’s increasingly difficult these days if you want 802.11ac support. AFAIK the only real choices are the TP-Link Archer C5/C7 and Linksys WRT1900* and both of those have issues. Still, using OpenWRT is far better than having to run vendor firmware or DD-WRT (the latter allows binary blobs, so it’s a no-no for me).