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    Kate is the one editor that I always thought could-have-been. It is the most elegant and modern looking of all editors I used back between 2010-2015. But it neither had the hackability of Emacs (my daily go-to) or the plugin ecosystem of atom/sublime/vscode that came later. Even now, it ticks most of the boxes - looks great, runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux. But tthe community behind it just does not exist

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      and it’s close enough to vi[m] to be useful, but sufficiently different to be annoying.

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      Ah, I was 17 and learning to program in PHP on SuSE 9.1. Kate was my main editor back then. Thanks!

      I’ve switched to LFS and vim, never built KDE from scratch and thus never went back to it again.

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        Are you still using LFS as your OS?

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          Hahaha, no, not anymore. Switched to Gentoo (obviously), then Debian and finally to Fedora. Nowadays I am considering NixOS. Perhaps I will check it out during my January sabbatical/vacation.

          I still recommend LFS fondly as a great learning experience to anyone serious about system administration. I am not sure, but I would wager a guess that LFS brought us several fairly popular distributions and helped tens of thousands of people understand our infrastructure a lot better.

          I am stuck with vim, though. Hard to unlearn.

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            I am stuck with vim, though. Hard to unlearn.