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      I don’t remember seeing the SteamDeck being discussed here. What’s y’all opinions on it?

      Is it the end of linux gaming as we know it with its emphasis on Proton or is it the beginning?

      Personally I finally started to play through my games that support linux backlog and I am impressed with the hardware quality and the improved UI.

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        I use my steam deck religiously, albeit not with steamOS or to play much games.

        It is a fairly competent platform for a mobile cyberdeck when combined with Moverio BT-40 glasses, some bone conducting headphones and split thigh-mounted dactyls. Enough horse-power, interesting sensors and controllers and good driver support out of the box.

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          That sounds like a very interesting set-up. I’d be interested in reading more about it. :)

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        Some of the linux ports were buggy and not updated regulary. I have a few games where the game actually runs better with proton than native.

        The Steamdeck hardware seems to be quite good for the price and I ordered one, but am still on the waiting list.

        I like the idea of a reference platform with a known status for all steam games. Looking forward to use the hardware maybe even as my daily driver with an USB C dock. The power consumption seems to be quite good as well.

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        I have one and am happy with it. If there’s ever official Lutris support I will be a very happy camper. (I know Lutris can be installed unofficially, I don’t want to spend time on it.)

        It’s quite a bit bigger than a Switch but for my old eyes that was an improvement. The hardware is not as solid as a Switch (think Steam Controller), I would be afraid of dropping it, but it is also not crap.

        Officially supported games (green checkmark) generally work flawless except sometimes fonts can be harder to read (I had this in Shadow of Mordor and Risk of Rain (2?)).

        I bought and tried about 10 games from this thread of Indie games on sale: https://twitter.com/DominicTarason/status/1541140227560964096 Most were marked “Untested” but worked just fine. Most didn’t even need controller tweaking. Also for mouse games the trackpads work well enough.

        There’s frequent updates to the base system.

        I would definitely recommend the Steam Deck as long as you do not expect AAA games marked as “Untested” to work flawlessly.

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          The hardware is not as solid as a Switch (think Steam Controller), I would be afraid of dropping it, but it is also not crap.

          I think this feeling might be due to being quite a bit heavier than the switch. For me I think that’s the biggest issue, it’s heavy enough that I get uncomfortable if I play in certain positions for a while.