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    Thank you for linking directly to the PDF!

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      I’ve always wondered why we leaned towards that weird web viewer, but it is from long before my time with the journal and I’ve never actually asked. I guess it maybe has better inegration with the demographic that want to read a magazine rather than twitter threads and blog posts.

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        The original FreeBSD Journal, like the NSA, had two conflicting missions:

        • To raise awareness of FreeBSD and provide material for convincing CTOs that FreeBSD was safe to adopt.
        • To make money.

        These are contradictory because the first requires maximising distribution, whereas the second requires limiting distribution. It took them a long time to give up on the second one. This was unfortunate because, as someone who has written over a couple of hundred articles and is a former FreeBSD Core Team member I was very enthusiastic about contributing to the Journal when it was launched, right up until I discovered that they were going to limit circulation.

        A lot of the early decisions were based on the paid model. The web player thing made it easy to restrict access to paying subscribers, whereas a PDF is trivial to just share once you’ve downloaded it.

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          I seem to remember they used to be physically printed and mailed back when you paid for them. I imagine it’s leftover from that.