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    I was an Amiga guy in those days. My feelings toward the ST users ranged from besieged camaraderie as we faced the IBM/Clone/Microsoft behemoth, to anger that they couldn’t see the obvious superiority of the Amiga to their own platform (it didn’t even have preemptive multitasking! How did they do anything??)

    (There was also befuddlement towards the people who simply saw the ST and the Amiga as simply tools with which to do work, and not an end in themselves…)

    In my old age I’ve gone back and looked at the platforms of those days through the eyes of nostalgia and, while I still think the Amiga was the best in most ways, I can see the good parts of the other platforms. The ST’s hardware was quite nice and its sound capabilities were incredible. TOS was nice enough (though it doesn’t look like it was as pleasant to write code for as AmigaOS, at least post-BOOPSI/MUI; pure Intuition GUI development was awful I’ll admit).

    Man I’m nostalgic now…