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      Nope. I would say that client TLS certificates are the most underused browser feature.

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        Mercifully so! Client certs are a UX disaster.

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          I don’t find that to be true, but even if it were that’s a reason to invest in the UX, not abandon the tech.

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        Huh – I was thinking control-Q.

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          Sadly not, as it’s right next to control-W.

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            I always need to download a Firefox add-on to fix that screwup.

            Why is this still a thing?

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              I’ll hazard a guess that it comes from Mac OS where ⌘W is Close Window (or close tab if there are tabs, for the past decade or two) because it’s next to ⌘Q, Quit an application.

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              There’s a setting you can toggle in about:config to disable this behavior: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52821#c315

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                Wow, that’s quite the discussion and it started 21 years ago!

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      Also a great workaround for paywalls, as long as you click early enough… @frenkel: What’s up with the huge spaces next to the apostrophes? Screenshot at https://imgur.com/K7lF5dU

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        If you do it too late, just reload the page while still in Reader Mode. You usually get the full article.

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          If you’re on firefox, Open in Reader View can be wonderful.

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            Sadly not available for Android Fx either, but yes.

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        Wow, that’s weird, thanks for the screenshot. What browser and OS are you using? It seems a fallback font is used, maybe it’s a font issue.

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          For me it’s because the font-family is defined as Microsoft YaHei,微软雅黑,宋体,STXihei,华文细黑,Arial,Verdana,arial,sans-serif. This looks to be coming from your Jekyll theme. YaHei is a Simplified Chinese font, so it’s not really great for displaying content primarily written using the Roman alphabet.

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            Thank you, I’ve removed YaHei and it fixes the problem indeed. A hard-refresh might be required.

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          Firefox Nightly, Ubuntu Linux. It falls back to sans-serif.

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            That’s weird, the problem was caused by Microsoft YaHei. Is it gone now? A hard-refresh might be required.

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              confirmed fixed. thanks!

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          Same problem on Chrome and Ubuntu MATE.

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            Should be fixed! A hard-refresh might be required.

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      I use reader mode all the time. Lately I’ve set it to be on by default; it’s overridable per site or per visit.

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      There’s a Reader View setting in the mobile Twitter client as well as some RSS newsreaders like Reeder. It’s great when you want to skip all the noisy stuff and get straight to the text.

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      I make use of this feature! Though, since I don’t visit many mainstream sites I don’t need to use it that often.

      It’s probably my favourite “niche”-ish browser feature out of them all to be honest. When I do I need it, either due to terrible design/typography choices, or because of the cookie pop ups, I’m always relieved that it exists.

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      Reader mode makes browsing a lot nicer on low-spec systems. I put a lot of time into it in TenFourFox, and added “sticky” (stay in reader mode when following links until explicitly exited) and “auto” (automatically enter reader mode by domain, including only subpages) features, as well as allowing reader mode on pretty much any page. Firefox, especially Android, really needs a “force Reader Mode” option – the about:reader?url= trick doesn’t work in current versions.

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      I mainly use reader mode as the “your sodding web fonts haven’t loaded yet and I’m impatient” button, or the “you implemented your paywall exclusively using JavaScript, didn’t you?” button.

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      Those plugins:

      are the most underused extensions.

      Also, Firefox containers is probably the most underused browser feature. Seriously, they’re great!

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      If you like reader mode, be sure to check out Gemini protocol. It’s like a version of the web that only allows reader mode. Less feature rich, but easier on the eyes.

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      Meh! That is opt in by the website….

      One click on Tranquility Reader firefox extension and splat, back to the ’90s but without the blink tag!

      Tranquility Reader improves the readability of web articles by removing unnecessary elements like ads, images, social share widgets, and more.

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        Meh! That is opt in by the website….

        I believe that Firefox judges using a few heuristics such as content length, HTML tags, and classes used. I wouldn’t count that as opt in.