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    I think this post is a bit premature. Most first iterations are not particularly interested in performance or memory consumption, there just isn’t much value in it. Not to mention: it’s not released yet!

    Chill out everyone.

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      They’ve also implemented some parts in C++, like the spell checking (where on OS X they call to the system spell checker). There’s a good chance that they could move some of the editing code into C++ as well if they needed, especially if they provided a separation between the editor’s data models and how that’s rendered into the DOM.

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        The interesting question the post made me think was if it is even possible to remove the overhead in their tech choices. I mean it should be clear that they will never achieve the efficiency of vim, for example. There is definitely a floor. But you are right in the sense it is not at that floor yet and maybe that floor is acceptable for their envisioned use cases.