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To give some context, GenodeOS is a microkernel-based general-purpose OS, written in C++ and focused on capability-based security.

The downloadable disk image with the Visual Composition interface preinstalled is already available as part of the 18.11 release of GenodeOS.

I found the 18.08 release (that I linked as the main story) to be interesting also because it adds basic support for Google Fuchsia’s device drivers, which may give it some smart advantage in future.


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    Ill also note it follows the design style of Nizza Architecture. The main difference from other projects in high-assurance security is that it uses C++. That’s a big mistake since it limits amount of tooling that can be used for verification. I dont imagine a CompCert for C++ coming any time soon. Fortunately, a microkernel shouldnt be a huge rewrite.