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    Q: How many Prolog programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: Yes.

    I’ve been hearing news about this big boolean.

    Huge if true.

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      Already miles better than what is currently there!

      Submit them, please :D

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        Alright, I relented :)

        Thanks for the prompt.

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        I’ve heard the Prolog one with “false”, which is apparently more accurate because Prolog interpreters would return a constructive proof if the inquiry were provable… But I don’t actually use Prolog.

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          I think it depends which version of Prolog you’re using. I remember when I was playing with the language I didn’t use SWI but the other one [maybe GNU? From memory there were pretty much just those two versions in use], and the answers were yes or no.

          Also we can see both are possible from Wikipedia and SO.

          In any case, it’s a pretty niche joke and I didn’t expect the maintainers of that repo to merge it; not sure it’s exactly the right crowd :)

          Edit: Upon re-reading your comment I realise I may have misinterpreted you slightly. You don’t say that Prolog doesn’t use yes/no, just that false might be more accurate. In that case, I don’t know, it might be!

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        2019 is off to a good start, you goobers.

        How did the dad network his felines? Cat cable!

        What’s a pirate’s favorite archive format? tarrrrrrrrrr

        What’s a pirate’s favorite color format? ARGB

        What’s a pirate’s favorite historical internetwork? ARPANET

        What’s a priate’s favorite functional language? Haskell, obviously.

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          I love this one:

          Q: Whats the object-oriented way to become wealthy?

          A: Inheritance

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            What’s a pirate’s favourite programming language?

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              R! :D

              1. 16

                Uh, no. A pirate’s first love be the deep C.

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              I’m confused be some of these, for example

              Q: [“hip”,“hip”]

              A: (hip hip array!)

              I don’t even get why that’s a question.

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                ok. I’ll fix it.

                Q: Whaddu you call [“hip”,“hip”]?

                A: You call it: hip hip array!

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                  Should probably be “What do you call [“hip”, “hip”]?” or “Whaddu call [“hip”, “hip”]? :p

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                    “whaddaya” sounds more how I speak, personally. I do not speak as I type. :)

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                    Oh, I was thinking of S-Expressions when I saw (hip hip array!) and I thought it was some array/linked-list joke.

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                    This joke works better as a written one-liner. It looks like Wes Bos tried to force it into a uniform format.

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