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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Helping my dog recover from an amputation. :/ Maybe also working out an organization/backup scheme for my important data/documents (would love to hear how others manage this).

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        3-2-1 rule. All you’ll ever need as an individual.

        Hope the puppy is ok <3

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      Last weekend to empty the old office and turn it into the new spare room, got a friend visiting next weekend. Need to sort/move the last of the office stuff (3d printer, drawers, random cables/crap) either downstairs into the new office or upstairs to the loft for storage. Then get to swap the tiny sofabed currently in there for a much bigger sofabed. Possibly mount the old TV on the wall (I want to get my Xbox/wheel setup in there for driving games at some point).

      Also picked up a kindle 4 this week (cheap) to try and hack into an eink office door sign, so I can display “Alreet” / “Sod off” messages when I’m free or in meetings. Started a #project thread for it on the Elephant https://ruby.social/@caius/109360583504456226.

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      Working on a budget. Comparing Firefly III and Actual (both running in the homelab) to try and decide which will be more likely to stick in the long term.

      Thinking about adding an instance of something that speaks ActivityPub to my fly.io apps, primarily looking at Pleroma or Akkoma. However, I’d really like to find one that was built to work with sqlite, so I can avoid running a second app for the database.

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        You can run postgres and Pleroma both in the same app on fly. I do this

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          That makes sense; how do you accomplish this in your setup? For my CI/CD server, I used [processes] in fly.toml to run the web server and the Docker build agent inside a single app, I guess I could do the same thing by making a container image with postgres and Pleroma?

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            Here’s my fly app if you like https://git.singpolyma.net/soapbox-fly/tree

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        FF3 doesn’t handle multiple currencies (exchange rate) and assets. This is the reason I stuck with ledger3 although I would like to give GNUCash a try.

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      Recovering from COVID. Maybe doing Christmas photos for my SO’s mother.

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      • Continuing to send cold emails to potential leads for my CSP platform. Not fun, but this seems to be the only viable way to find potential clients.
      • Learning more about Guile/Scheme, mostly for fun. I might use it for the Advent of Code this year.

      In general I’m very enthousiastic about Guile. I abandoned Common Lisp years ago because it was a dead end, and never really investigated Scheme. Even though the RnRs standardization process does not seem to be going anywhere, several Scheme implementations are actively developped, so I might start using it for small scripts and tools.

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        My issue with scheme standards… no typing, slowness, and inconsistencies galore. Each scheme is its own language basically… Still worth experiencing but i think it’s not worth mastering for myself.

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          Each scheme is its own language basically…

          Exactly, Scheme is more of a subfamily of Lisps than a single language. The RNRS of defines a base to build upon, but despite how small it is it still has flaws and each implementation of Scheme stems from a different version anyway, I think Guile from 6 and Racket from 5 for example. Writing portable Scheme code is basically impossible because of all this fragmentation.

          What you should do is pick one of the more used Schemes and stick with it. My favorite one is Racket.

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      Finishing some additions to https://imglab.io open source libraries.

      Specifically adding helpers for srcset URLs generation. Wish me luck! 😅

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      Trying to convince my internet friends to get started on Mastodon, and looking for more interesting people to follow over there.

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        Sharing your mastodon profile in this thread could help :-)

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          Good idea! I’m @js@c.im. Still getting the hag of Mastodon but I’m actually liking it more than I thought I would already.

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      My home lab’s DNS and VPN setup decided to explode, I imagine a good chunk of my weekend will be spent mopping that mess up. Less technology related, but I also need to get ready for thanksgiving this week.

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      Working on an SD card adapter (ISA-ish) to emulate floppy and hard disk drives on old Soviet IBM PC XT clone (Поиск-1). Last weekend was finally able to boot MS-DOS 3.3!

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      • Hanging out with the kids.
      • Hopefully writing a bit of my novel
      • More documentation updates for ahkpm
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      Having fun with my first android app twitter2nitter.
      Not sure if I need to update it to new version to change default server to nitter.ca (it seems it is faster and I love Canada).

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      working on my iOS/web nostr clients:



      This protocol is an alternative to activitypub/mastodon/fediverse as it gives the user control over their data/social graph instead of it being tied to a particular instance. plus it’s super simple.

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      I need to take a break from the CHERI RTOS. When work is this fun, it’s hard to stop it dominating your life…

      I was inspired by the post about using a kindle as an ambient display, so I’m going to see if my old iRex iLiad still works. I know the battery is dead, but last time I tried it worked on mains power and the mains power thing has a wired Ethernet port. It runs X11, so I should be able to make it display things from another machine and use it as a dumb networked display, at least.

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        Well, that went well. It booted fine, I still had a terminal installed, so I tried to edit the file to configure the network in vi. Then I discovered that the on-screen keyboard didn’t have an escape key, so I couldn’t enter command mode and save or exit. From within vi, I also couldn’t close the terminal, so I tried shutting down. The device managed a clean shutdown, but then didn’t boot the second time and now won’t turn on. Oh well. I might be able to reflash it if I can find a CF card (I’m fairly sure I have one, but it hasn’t been used for over 10 years, so no idea if it will still work).

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      Implementing concatenation and insertion in a persistent data structure in Rust

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      Was out last weekend for a wedding and run-down enough this week that I haven’t been able to do much aside from pick a Mastodon server and doomscroll. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get back to where I should be:

      Continuing my intentional break from writing about markup. Taking a little time to tend some back-burner shell profile projects (https://github.com/abathur/shellswain, https://github.com/abathur/shell-hag) that I’ve been neglecting.

      I’m still trying to sort out how to handle the daemon and activationScripts in a Nix flake. I’ve spun my wheels on this a little for lack of great docs/examples, but I did finally find a good example a night or two ago (I thought this might be just because no one was doing what I need in a public project, but in retrospect a fair share of my trouble was over-filtering search results).

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      Started the weekend by spending my Friday evening fixing a bug / performance issue in my DNS recursive resolver which suddenly started to manifest on Monday morning. This is only the second problem I’ve had since I started running it as my LAN’s DNS server back in March (the first problem was an inability to resolve domains using Cloudflare DNS, which I discovered pretty quickly after turning it on), which I think is pretty good going.

      Considering migrating from Twitter to the Fediverse. I’ve had an account there for a while, but haven’t done much with it, so I might just start anew. On the other hand, I could just drop microblogging entirely if Twitter dies: not much of value would be lost.

      I’m also trialling atuin for better shell history search, and might give chezmoi a go too.

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      Continuing to pack away my belongings for mid-term storage, neatening up the loose ends in the house I’m currently in the process of selling, and planning what I’m going to do with my new house rennovation before I get the keys (which is hopefully before New Years but who knows)

      I’m excited for another big project, with all of the lessons learned from the first one swirling around in my head. This time, more focussed on long-term investments and a higher-quality fitout, and hopefully providing more space for myself, partner, and dog for future family additions.

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      Investigating clustering algorithms for log files. Affinity Propagation[1] is probably where I’ll start.

      [1] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affinity_propagation

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      The official snowfall here is over 5 feet with another coming later tonight. As much as I hate computer work sometimes, I wish I could just stay in and do it but the snow isn’t gonna move itself.