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    A bit off-topic, but hopefully acceptable: For what things would you like a physical button on your computer or smartphone or somesuch?

    Me, I wish my phone had a portrait/landscape switch. Having to combine rotation lock (2 - 3 choices) with physical orientation (2 choices) feels baroque and indirect, especialy for a 2-choice outcome as simple as this one.

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      I noped out and bought a refurbished, magsafe 13" MBP after seeing the touchbar switch to Brandvertising mode when I launched Safari. Nope nope nope.

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        Afaik, it’s showing “top sites”, a mix of your most frequently visited sites and sites you put there yourself. It defaults to a relatively reasonable selection of sites, as it has no data on what sites you go to yet and you haven’t modified it yet. Hardly seems nefarious to me.

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        The TouchBar has some serious design issues, but it’s hardly the sort of thing that I accidentally hit. It’s well separated from the rest of the keyboard- I don’t see how these “accidents” happen unless you type with the heel of your hand or something. The ESC key is always in the same place (for most apps, and the cases where it’s not, they’re apps that don’t use it in the first place), and I can hit it without looking at the keyboard because of that.

        My biggest issue with the TouchBar is honestly the API. It’s hard to graft TouchBar functionality into applications. This is obviously by design- Apple didn’t want people half-assing it.