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    I had no idea what this was about, and the tagline

    Loki: like Prometheus, but for logs.

    didn’t help, as I’m not familiar with Prometheus (the software) either.

    I will remark whoever that the branding is all over the place. Repo name is “grafana/loki”, the log spells it “Grafana loki”, but it’s referred to “Loki” in the running text.

    Also, the logo reminds me of a male phallus, but to remark on this fact would be puerile, so I will not.

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      I agree with the branding. I’m not entirely sure what its purpose is either, but I’m a fan of both Prometheus and Grafana so I’ll continue digging into it.

      Looks like they’ve changed the logo already.

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      I get the impression this isn’t quite ready - sounds like something I’d find very useful, but not much in the way of screenshots or documentation.

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        The repository has been made public few hours ago… It’s not a release per se, and for now the project has still some way to go.

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          I’m looking forward to seeing it’s future :)

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            There is more info in their website https://grafana.com/loki

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