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      They completely blew it. All those polls were for nothing. It’s just a T470 with a 7 row keyboard: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/09/retro-thinkpad-image-2017

      It’s the same crappy 16:9 screen like all the other laptops today. I hear all the time that nobody makes 4:3 or 16:10 screens anymore, yet Apple sells 12.9’’ and 10.5’’ 4:3 tablets and 12’’, 13.3’’, and 15.4’’ 16:10 laptops without any issue. All with high quality IPS screens, most of them wide gamut even.

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        Poor chassis choice. Retro ThinkPad enthuiasts are either into the smaller models (600X, 701C, X300, the entire X series for that matter) or the really huge ones (A-series, 700 series) - making it T470 based makes no one happy.

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          Um, plenty of my “retro ThinkPad enthusiast” friends love their T40 and T60 series models, which are comparable in physical size to today’s T400 series models (~13in by ~9in).

          Speaking for myself—who got into the game too late to be much a “retro ThinkPad enthusiast”—I like my X220. I don’t especially care for my T450s daily driver, but that has little to do with the form factor (which I think is fine), and everything to do with the keyboard, lack of ThinkLight + lid latch + ports in the back, and the 16:9 (rather than 16:10) display.

          If the “ThinkPad Retro” had a 16:10 display, it would be perfect for me, modulo what we haven’t heard about what ports it’ll have. By the way, since it hasn’t been linked in this subthread, here is the image of the “ThinkPad Retro” that Lenovo accidentally leaked.

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            I agree with you - though I had older Thinkpads, including the X60s. I must say, that I love my T450s a lot - I like the form factor of the laptop, but I would prefer a better keyboard and more vertical screen. I have to say that I started to like to have that much horizontal space, as I am able to edit two programs side by side.

            Thanks for the photo - I like the keyboard, especially the big ESC key :-)

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              FWIW I edit three files side by side in my 15” MacBook Pro, and I still have better vertical space than the T450 in about the same physical package.

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                I do not know anything about MacBooks, but the T450s, is only 14”, so it’s normal that a 15” has more vertical and horizontal space. To have a 15” in the same overal size like the T450s, this sounds very interesting. But in any case Mac will never be for me - I need the TrackPoint, a good keyboard and Linux.

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            Exactly, it makes no sense. Plus that 16:9 screen.

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              The worst part is that when sales are slow, they’re going to blame it on “oh, the enthusiast market isn’t willing to put their money where their mouth is” instead of on the horrible screen, and we won’t see things like this happen again.

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          Any total cost estimate for the whole thing? Very close to doing something like this.

          The retro thinkpad has turned out to be pretty disappointing without 4:3

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            $750 to $1k

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              Awesome! That’s not bad at all. Ok, time to get in on the next buy…

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              Yeah, not even 16:10, what a joke.

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              The link to 51nb just took me to a Facebook captcha page. Is the “order form” basically post on Facebook and send money and wait?

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                As you are an OpenBSD developer, I’m happy to have one smuggled to you via hackathon. I tried to do that for bryan without success.

                But yes, the fb page puts you in touch with jacky who takes your money and ships you things six weeks later.

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                  Oh, thanks, but I’m pretty happy with the X1. The new keyboard suits me.

                  I was mostly curious. And it’s somewhat funny. All the failed hardware kickstarters with super polished demo videos that never ship, and here’s “dude with a spreadsheet” getting things done.

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                  this is the link to the batch that is reviewed, don’t use it, it’s old https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFFHJnlP5oITwFJGAIUaZj0ndVULMS_p4JnpbP3OITV75HdA/viewform?c=0&w=1

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                  The X220 gets pretty close to what the OP is seeking, without requiring extensive modding. I wrote about the Lenovo desktop Linux experience on the X220, and, more recently, on a Lenovo X1 Carbon 4th Gen, in this post here:


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                    I owned an X60 then an X220. They were both great laptops, but there are a number of key differences:

                    Plastic vs metal casing. The first week I had the X220 I cracked the case, from lugging it around the same way I’d always handled the X60.

                    Keyboards. The X220 keyboard is great and I don’t know of a contemporary laptop keyboard that’s as good. But the X60 was even better - sturdier, better key travel.

                    Processors. My X220 had what I think was the best processor that model shipped with, i7-2620M. This is significantly slower than the processors in the X62.

                    The Trackpoint was a lot easier to use on the X60 compared to the X220 where it was quite insensitive and jumpy (at least on mine).

                    Totally agree the X220 is a great laptop (and available very cheaply now it’s 7 years old.) I upgraded from X220 to a Dell XPS last year, with no regrets. Yet reading about actual shipping X62s makes me think about “upgrading” one more time…

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                      The X301 has a stronger case than the X220 and also has 1440x900 instead of 1366x768.

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                        The X301 has one of the best chassis designs of all time, and is one of my absolute favorite laptops ever, but

                        • 1440x900 is merely an okay resolution, and the screen is garbage otherwise (terrible colors, terrible black depth, incredibly obvious nonuniform backlighting, atrocious viewing angles, slow refresh, headache-inducing low-frequency PWM backlight dimming).
                        • The best available processor is a 1.6GHz ULV Core 2 Duo which was anemic even back in its day and is nearly unusable now. Cheap phones will blow it out of the water performance-wise.
                        • Battery life is not great. The battery doesn’t extend out the back like many other Thinkpads, which limits the volume and thus capacity of the battery. Power usage is good, but you’ll still be extremely lucky to get six hours out of a brand-new battery, which you will not be able to find.
                        • It takes a non-standard 1.8” SATA drive, which is a pain in the ass to upgrade or replace. The best option I’ve heard is to use an mSATA adapter.
                        • It maxes out at 8GB of RAM (though thankfully, unlike the X300, it takes DDR3; DDR2 SODIMMs are outrageously expensive).

                        I use a spiritual cousin of the X301, the X201s, as my personal laptop (slightly faster, slightly smaller, slightly newer, takes regular 2.5” drives, but quite rare and thus difficult to get replacement parts for), but I don’t know that I would actually recommend it to anyone for daily use. The ridiculously javascript-laden modern Web will bring it to its knees for everyday use.

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                          The ridiculously javascript-laden modern Web will bring it to its knees for everyday use.

                          I use it as my everyday personal development machine, but that’s only feasible with the help of NoScript. The default battery isn’t great, but the optical drive can be swapped out for an extra battery. I believe the backlight can be replaced with a 3rd-party kit. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. But the screen is much, much better than my brand-new X260.

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                      Where would one buy a x220 nowadays? Here in my country there doesn’t seem to be any on the official stores, and I haven’t found any alternative trustworthy stores to get them from. Does anyone know of a place preferably with international shipping?

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                      This seems neat, though I’ve already got an X60, but as they become harder to find…

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                        I have one (erm, three) and it is wonderful. Do I wish it was thinner and had like usb-c charging? Sure.

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                          If you don’t mind my asking, how much does it weigh, and what’s the battery life you get?

                          4W draw at 32Wh means he could get something like 8h battery life – which is very attractive to me. I currently use a MacBook predominantly for the massive battery performance, but also because it’s so light, but I might trade a little weight and a little battery for a nice keyboard and good Linux support.

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                            FWIW if you can stand a 16:9 display, an official Lenovo Thinkpad T470 has a cheap battery upgrade option that doubles the battery life to 16 hours. 96Wh total (24 internal battery + 72 external). 3.9 pounds with the bigger battery. https://www.laptopmag.com/reviews/laptops/lenovo-thinkpad-t470

                            Compare with MacBook Pro 13” 3.02 pounds, 15” 4.02 pounds.

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                              I’m using a 12” MacBook, not Pro: i7 16GB ram it’s more than powerful enough for what I need to take on the road, but that keyboard. Ugh.

                              4lbs sounds like too much to me, but wow 16 hours of battery sounds incredible.

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                                IIRC, the X270 can get quite a bit more, and is even lighter.

                                FWIW, I’ve tried the 12” MacBook keyboard in store and didn’t have many problems with it; though that’s not extended use. I’m coming from a ThinkPad X201, for reference. The bigger loss is no TrackPoint.

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                                  huh. I’ll look into that as well. Thanks.

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                                  The new 12” MacBooks have the second gen butterfly keyboard which is much better.

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                                    It’s one of the new ones (i7, 16GB ram, etc)

                                    Keyboard is ok but the low travel is annoying for extended use.

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                                      I’m one of those weird people who vastly prefers v1 of that keyboard compared to v2.

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                                  No idea. I have but old, OEM batteries. Have not yet found newer after market ones.

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                                I’m currently using a Google Pixel Chromebook with GalliumOS and the hi-res 3:2 screen makes for a beautiful experience. It’s not OpenBSD, but I’d definitely recommend checking GalliumOS out.