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    I had a JVM stack trace today that was 2.2MB in size. I mean, thank goodness the JVM doesn’t do tail-call elimination! Think about how confusing that would be if stack calls were elided!

    ETA: It was 28,092 lines, but:

    % tr ' ' '\n' < java-barf  | sort -u |wc -l

    yields only 405 unique ‘words’. That’s … impressive? I guess?

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      The Wikipedia page for C++ (214,251 bytes).

      Brutal and scathing.

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        I chuckled when I first read it years ago.

        On second look now, it falls apart. ☹️The question is “How does that stack up in 2011 terms?” Well, JPEGs were bigger than program binaries back in 1992 too, as would have been a text file containing War & Peace…

        The one bullseye is the /bin/touch comparison… that’s savage.